Linear Slide

Is there any way to modify the Linear Slide in Inventor so that the two parts can move independantly from another? I’m creating a hanging mechanism to check out the size and parts needed and I have an idea which should save alot of space.

I’ve attached what I’ve done so far, which shows how oversized the robot is with the current beams. Although since i’ve figured out how to constrain the gears with the right ratios, I can move any axle or gear and everything moves like a physical robot should so I can figure out if the mechanism works or not.

Edit: How do you attach chain to gears in a way that it recognises it and moves the gear as well.

Have you been able to find a solution to your problem, because I was also wondering the same thing?


I got an error when trying to import the assembly say “Database schema is newer than this version of the software” any idea of what this means and/or how I can fix it?

I designed the part in Inventor 2011, so if you’re running an older version, that might explain it…