Linear sliders help for locking

Hello! So I have been having issues with the 448x lock, so I’m swapping to linear having the issue where they flex. Is there any way to prevent this? Thanks!

having your rollers drop down from above is probably you’re best bet.

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I’ve seen that the flip out from side is more useful though. Also, do you have ideas on hoe to lock it better? That’s all I need. The flip from top doesnt flex so it will be less efficient…

you could always do something like @Sylvie does with his intake stops.

You should leave more of the slide inside the rail when it is fully extended, that way the load is spread out throughout the whole slide, not that one small point.


That wouldn’t work eith my robot. Also, does 1961z have a flipout or down? I cant tell.

We (1961Z) flipout downwards with the use of the hinges that help mount our intake.

Wait, you’re 1961Z. Respect! Gg man. So you flip down, and the hinges mount it? Why do you use hinges to mount? Also, how do you lock it so it starts in 18x18x18 then flips out? And couldn’t you just mount it w/o the hinge? Sorry for the bombard of questions.

We used the hinges to allow our intake to move out of the way when going to deploy a stack. The original plan was to have a non-flipout intake but due to size constraints we had to have it flipout. We lock it down using a standoff on the base that slots into the sproket, keeping it inside 18x18x18. The lift going upwards allows the sproket to slot out of the standoff, flipping out the intake. As for why we didn’t mount it without hinges, we found out that using hinges allows compression tuning to be very easy by either adding more bands or moving the hinge closer to the tray.

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Rubber bands where?

Also, [quote=“vexreally, post:9, topic:67667”]
We lock it down using a standoff on the base that slots into the sproket, keeping it inside 18x18x18

How does the standoff connect? It would have to be high up. Also, do your rollers lock at a 90 degree angle or further back onto the arm?

Also, @vexreally, by this time in your video it looks like it flips out from the side. Does it do that or from the top? Screenshot_20191010-191121_YouTube also, what do you use as a stopper and is your pivot point to start it a nylock+screw or no?

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