Linear Slides

I was wondering if it is possible to make some sort of a linear motion thing with c channel, or some sort of aluminum, if so, please tell me how, thanks!

there are definitely ways to do this. basically you want to surround your channel with little rollers so your slide can freely roll up and down your c channel.

Sorry, I’m kinda inexperienced, what are little rollers?

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Pretty much Anything that rolls in this context. Many people use spacers. Check out the dreadnought cascade lift for an example. For aluminum the thickness needed is that of the v5 claw spacer, while steel can use the old small black spacers.

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I’m trying to make a passive intake, so I don’t want a cascade lift, but if I use linear slides, they’re too heavy, so I want something lighter like aluminum.

Well I just used cascades as examples because they tend to utilize the kind of slide you are looking for…

(Wait why can’t you have a passive intake cascade that’s literally what I’m doing)

I swear ur gonna pull a 5225a and win worlds or something XD


Hi @Kellbones This article contains some information on linear slides. Hope you find it helpful.

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