Link not functioning!

We submitted our website to the website challenge today, but the link on the entry page is not working. It just redirects to another page within the VEX site. There are other teams who are experiencing the same problem.

Our entry is this one:

Our website’s address is [
Could someone please advise us on how to fix this? There doesn’t seem to be any way to edit the entry.

I have contacted and had no response.

Thank you in advance!

We will fix this for you. Thanks for reporting it.

We had the same issue with our website ( and finally figured out on the third submittal attempt that you needed to include http:// with the url for it work correctly.

When when typing in URLs people do not all use the same format. For example, some people add “HTTP://” and others do not. There is an automated process in the Online Challenge system that runs periodically to standardize these links, so any problem should only last a little while.

If any links do not work after the deadline for submissions, we will be in touch with the submitting team to get the link fixed. We start working on doing these checks tomorrow, but if you see something unusual, please report it.