linking cortex and joystick

The VEXnet light on the cortex is not on at all but on the joystick it is solid green? The robot light is also slow blinking on both?

Referencing the LED Codes shows that this is totally normal except for the absence of the VEXnet light on the cortex which makes me think the light might be broken; it should always be showing something (I think?).

Does the VEXnet light on the cortex do nothing even when the robot is just turning on?

Can you control the robot if you tether the joystick over USB? To do this the cortex should be on but the joystick off.

What code are you running? Default code or something compiled and downloaded with EasyC or ROBOTC? Can you control the robot? Does connecting the two with a USB A-A cable help? You may have the cortex configured for standalone operation ie. no VEXnet.

That makes sense from the cortex standpoint but it doesn’t explain the joystick showing up as tethered?

We’re using Robot C, made sure the software was up to date and trying to update firmware. The firmware downloads OK, but when the it is tethered to the computer the VEXnet light doesn’t show at all but the game light blinks fast? I try another cortex and the VEXnet light is solid green like it should be.

According to the LED codes a fast blinking robot light either indicates autonomous or boot load mode. Not sure the difference between fast green and flickering green as it describes in the code sheet.

Contact Eli We have yet to toss anything at him he could not fix or walk us through. He can save you a lot of time if you have a few minutes to spare on the phone with him.

Think we have it fixed now, thanks for the help from the three of you.