Linking Error

Hey guys so i finished writing my autonomous code out! I am psyched. However when i put it all into my master template i get a linking error. It says .code_WPILib.o’can not fit the section. Section ‘.code_WPILib.o’ length=0x00000392 At first i thought that the program may have just been to large to fit on the micro controller after all i am putting on 4 different match types

Main Auto Left
Main Auto Right
Alternate Auto Left
Alternate Auto Right

all of which have the driver controller period after them

so what i did was try to simplify the code i deleted variables that i was no longer using. It still gave me the error. I then deleted both of the left side codes. It still gave me the error message. I then deleted the alternate right side code leaving me with only one match style. It still gave me the error. my confusion is that the match that i was left with downloaded perfectly fine on its own before and now i get this error message.

One thing that i am wondering about is this… Is it a problem that the user functions were imported then changed when in the template. In other words i imported user functions (each type of match) and then deleted variables and other unneeded stuff so they no longer match the file that they were imported as.