links to Ontario finals?

I was wondering if there is any video on YouTube or anywhere of discobots Canada and simbotics playing at Ontario provincials

Well I found this gem on twitter…


Looks like they still have a vertical flywheel and a really really fast chassis

@ChiefsNerd do you have the link for the entire elimination rounds, I would love to see teams like 1404B and 5225A.

No, the channel seems to be down

I found the rest of the vidios

Could you share the link?

While I agree that we should respect a team’s wish to keep their robot secret, I think that once they go to a competition every team should know that at that point on some level, their robot becomes public knowledge. It’s not fair to assume that an entire competitions worth of video footage can no longer be viewed because one team (or a few teams) don’t want their robot to be seen.
For the sake of the teams that are trying to keep things secret maybe someone could blur the specific robots?

I don’t believe any of these videos are official, as the teams requested that the event not archive video, And they didnt.

The provincials were live streamed and an archive posted on YouTube on the simbotics channel, but it was automatically blocked (at least when I look at it) because the music in it (that was played at the event) violated coyright. If you want to see it try contacting them to see if they can post a muted version like with a previous competition they hosted.

Or you can figure out how to trick YouTube copyright blocking.

Nah the same link as the beginning also has semifinals and quarters. Just take the m out of the link.

Well unfortunately people won’t be this respectful. However I don’t think anyone will be able to copy them very well anyways.

What, those 2 week rebuilds be OP :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve deleted 2 posts for being pointless.