Linux master?

Hi everyone,

This is kind of an odd request for the forums, but I was wondering if there are any people on here who have some experience in Linux. I’m stuck on an independent project that requires piping, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out? Please dm me if you feel you can help out.


Which programming language?

command line linux…? Like terminal.

generally you direct the standard out pipe of one program into stdinput of another… Looks like this:

% ls | more

which would then take the output of one program and feed it into another. ls would list the files in the directory and feed it into a pager (more or less :slight_smile: )

@DRow does the above post appear bot-like to you?

Is this even Vex related?

It’s not directly VEX related, but the post is in the “community” section. I DM’ed the OP. I haven’t heard anything back yet, but I’m certainly happy to help. Though, of course, he/she may already have an answer.

As to it being spam like: it could be, but it seems unlikely. Fishing (or even “phishing”) for Linux people? The account was started 7 weeks ago and has only one other post outside this thread. But it didn’t look like a spammy-phishy thingy, so I’ll take the chance that I might actually be able to help somebody.

The OP was asking a question from like-minded members of the community - happy to help. Pretty legit.

The spam-bot pushing people to a MS Office link is clearly a phishing scheme. There are other posts that have been removed by Drow .

Thanks, I missed the MS Office link apparently.

In contact with @skate17.

And the obligatory:

Seems legit.

But the request is definitely legitimate. And it’s something I can help with.