Linux Problems

I have heard about Linux and how great or bad it is and I wanted to try it out for myself. So I decided to put “**** Small Linux” onto my old windows 98 computer. I burned the files that I think I should have to a CD and put the CD in the machine. The only problem is that my computer for some reason does not give me an option to boot from a CD (I think), it also doesn’t reconize that there are any files on the CD!?! (by the way, my CD drive is not bad, I have checked that). Do I go into the CMOS and change things around? Or do I figure out another way? Please help me, I really wanted to try out Linux.

Ok, I found out how to enable computer to boot from my CD drive. Now that I figured that out I put a CD with SLAX linux onto it. It says: “CD BOOT FAILURE”. WHY?? I do not understand that at all. PLEASE HELP!:confused:

i have never used or tried to use linux before but are you using the right type of linux for your operating system?
is there a scratch or something else on the cd?
does your computer have the right system requirements?
do you need to configure anything else before doing a cd boot?

Linux IS the operating system. :wink:

As long as your computer BIOS has its ‘boot from CD Drive’ option as a higher priority than the main system hard drive, it will always boot off of any bootable disc if it’s found. Normally most computers have the CD Drive set as the higher priority by default.

When you burn a bootable CD, you sometimes need to set a special option in your CD burning program to actually enable it as a bootable CD. (Otherwise it will just burn the files as a ‘normal’ data CD.)

You can also try ISO Recorder to burn the Linux ISO right onto a blank CD.

All that I am doing is downloading the OS then burning them to a CD with Windows Vista. It seemed so easy, but it never is.

One other bit of information: somehow my computer thinks that notepad can open up iso files. I think I might have told it that in the defult programs, I just do not know how to unchange that.

you need an ISO extractor for ISO files, i downloaded a free ISO extractor when i was downloading the ISO file for VB2005…i just have to remember where…

Hey I am posting this now on a Linux computer. What distro of Linux are you using? Ubuntu is probably the best distro for people new to Linux there is a great guide on how to burn an ISO file on their web site. This site also has info on how to install it be sure to check the CD as I had to burn about 10 CDs that looked fine and seemed to work until they froze it is very easy to get errors on a CD of tis type.

Here is the link.

If you have any more questions please ask me.

Hey teamappolo can you post a screenshot of linux, ive always wanted to know what it looks like:D

im thinking about going linux on an old 95 computer. is the intelitic software compatible? what version should i use?

If you have Wine installed, then you should be able to use most windows applications on linux. If you install Ubuntu, I think it comes with it (if not, it’s easy to install; you can use the application installer thing to do it), but I dunno about other distros. Also, the install process is a bit different, since windows uses drive letters (C:, A:, etc) and linux doesn’t. I’m not sure on the details, since I’ve never used it. Maybe someone else here can help, if not try googling “installing applications with Wine” or something.

how would that work, does it have Win32 api in it?

If I remember correctly: WINE works by providing a “wrapper” that maps Win32/16 API calls to their Linux equivalent.

It handles drive letters by setting up a directory that acts like “My Computer”, and has folders for each drive letter.

More info:

Thank You so much! I figued out how to download it, and I am running Darn Small Linux (the vex forum will do this **** if I call it by it’s real name). It is ok, I wish my old computer (a PII 200MHZ) had more HD space instead of its wimp 1GB! Once again, Thank You for all of your help!:smiley:

You could use what I am using **** Small Linux. It is only 50MB! I must warn you though; it is really cheesy, it looks very “half finished”.

Here’s a screenshot of Mozilla Firefox running on Ubuntu Linux from Google Images:

I’ll post one of ubuntu.Altho it can look like anything since there are tons of
themes and you can customize the toolbars etc…

Here is Ubuntu 7.04, 7.10 is out now.BTW this screenshot is a jpg and It is of my own desktop.

I love linx I use ubuntu for nearly everything it’s a great OS

I also have problem:
The problem is that when I choose logout from the Actions menu in gnome-panel, nothing seems to happen. After long enough wait, the logout may trigger, but it may take several minutes. The problem eventually disappeared for no apparent reason and then after an update to gnome it reappeared.