Linux PROS install on a Chromebook

I am wondering if anyone has successfully installed PROS on a Chromebook that has been placed in developer mode. If so I would like to hear about how it was done.

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I have installed PROS using the VScode extension on a Chromebook. It works, but it cannot upload to the brain. I am curious to see if this works for other people. Here is how I did it:

1. I downloaded the .deb from the VScode website and installed it using developer mode
2. I went to the extensions tab and downloaded the PROS extension
3. I waited for the CLI and toolchain to install, then I tried connecting it to the brain

The code I wrote as a test did not upload, but i am still curious because the port I am using on my chromebook to connect to the brain might be dead. Please tell me if this works for anybody else!

V5 comms from the extension is untested for chromebook, it may work but at a minimum you will need to create a udev rule similar to the one in this post.


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