Lisence plate mounting ideas

Hi guys, I’m sorta new to vex, and I find mounting my name plates a pain in the neck since screwing them in takes a long time and the IQ pins are unreliable at best. Anybody got ideas to mount them?

ziptie them together and screw on the bottom so you can flip the license plates in between matches


Rubber Links with Star Nuts have always worked well for my team. Only takes a few seconds to secure. You and a teammate can tackle each one.
I’ve also seen other teams cut little holders out of aluminum pieces, but I’ve always had a distaste for that as they break easy and become wasted metal.

If you’re feeling really creative some idea’s in this thread might be helpfull: License Plate Flippers

we just use the vex iq pins

put a short linear slide on the robot, and one of the things that go inside it on the back of the plate. When you need to switch, just drop in the other plate. Ill post picks later

My kids connected some red plates to blue plates via standoffs, and then just slide them over 2 standoff posts inside the robot. They never come off the robot unless something really bad happens, but it works pretty well.