List of formulas?

Does anyone have or can make a list of formulas that would be useful for Vex robotics or just Robotics in general? Also, to be successful in Robotics, what grade level of math do you generally need to be proficient in?

This is really way more than you want, but I came across this the other day.


I personally find that there’s not too much math knowledge required, more often conceptual ideas (gear ratio, mechanical advantage, friction, etc.) are more important when building a robot. Keep in mind that math is the brain-dead formulas and exercises, Physics is where you actually apply that to real life situations.

Even having taken high-school calculus, I haven’t used any of that knowledge building a robot so far. On the flip side, when programming our programmer has used that knowledge almost all the time. In terms of my personal suggestions, perhaps just geometry and Algebra II? That’s basic enough to make a good robot but the more advanced math you go through, the more tools you have in your toolbox.


The only thing I’ve used is some kinamatics for a catapult

Math-wise my team has done little to none, however I would recommend some basic physics (high school/ pltw principles of engineering) or something similar, not required, but it helps when you are trying to increase power/ leverage/ speed.