List of Forum, Discord, and FB Coaches Members at Worlds


Hi, everyone.

I’m looking forward to going to Worlds this year, and finally getting to meet so many of my forum acquaintances in person (many of them for the first time).

I’ve made a spreadsheet to make it easier for people on the VEX Forum, the main VEX Discord, and other VEX-related Discord servers to find each other at Worlds. The team lists come from Jordan’s division list predictions, so everyone can know who they share a division with.

Here is the link:
VEX Forum and Discord Members - Worlds 2019

So far I’ve mainly just added the people I’m sure will be at Worlds. If you’re going to Worlds, feel free to add yourself to the spreadsheet. If you’re going with a team that isn’t your regular team, you can add “Worlds-only” in parentheses after your name. If you’re going but not as part of a team, you can add yourself to the top row.

If you won’t be attending Worlds, but you want to add yourself to the list anyway, you can put your name in the second row, or if your team is going but you aren’t, you can add your name in brackets to your team’s row.

If your whole team will be there but won’t be competing, let me know and I can add a row for them.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone I get the chance to!



Cool idea, I’m looking forward to meeting some of y’all as well! If anyone wants to say hi, I’ll be the Engineering division ref with a license plate nametag.

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Might want to add a third column for the coaches who on FaceBook …



I thought of the same thing a little while ago, and I’ve added it.



funny someone added me by full name … awwww…



That was me (for the Facebook column). I list the forum members by their forum name, the Facebook group members by their Facebook name, and the Discord members by their first name or Discord nickname (and sometimes their team number in parentheses).

There may be a few where I have the forum name wrong, but I’ll usually fix that when I notice it.



Any chance IQ could get some love and you could add an IQ sheet? I won’t be there with my VRC teams this year (except possibly Saturday), but I will be there with my IQ teams.


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That does sound like a good idea. Especially considering this forum is also the IQ forum.



This is an awesome list. Thank you so much for putting it together and being so proactive. One friendly suggestion - please allow individuals to place their full name in the spreadsheet as a personal “opt in” or “opt out.” Some, including me, do not really want my full name on an internet list.



Sadly even though I am listed I am unable to attend vex worlds this year. I am competing at battlebots 8-22nd (I should probably make a thread announcing that) and can’t take a third week off in a row.

If they are ever different months I will try to pick back up going and volunteer. :smile:



I’m going to be working on that now. Thanks for the suggestion!

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OK. I will do that.

Currently the only full names listed are either already well known publicly (e.g. VEX and RECF employees), included in VEX Forum or Discord names, included in public social media accounts that mention the person being in VEX (e.g. @OscarMNOVA12 and @tabor473), or were presumably added by the person themselves.

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I’ve added a page for VEX IQ, but I haven’t added the teams yet. If anyone wants to, they can add their team number(s) and their names, and I can add the rest of the list later.

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The VEX IQ page has now officially been posted!



Thank you for the update!

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