List of parts made obsolete by V5?

Is there a comprehensive list of VEX parts that will essentially be made obsolete once V5 becomes available? I’d like to avoid purchasing excess quantities of those parts that will be impacted. I understand Cortex, remotes, and motors will be made obsolete, but what about things like 7.2v batteries, power expanders, sensors, battery extensions, jumpers, LED’s, extension cables, Y cables, AAA batteries and chargers, etc.? Budgets are limited, I’d rather not spend money on things that will end up in a box on a shelf.



Controller batteries and chargers might go too, if the new controllers are like the IQ controller. Also, what about the LCD display?

Exactly. I’m really hoping for a comprehensive list of all of the things that are going to be obsolete.

I know that there will be some new sensors, but I believe that the old sensors will be usable with an adapter which also means that there will be new wires. I have also heard some rumors of the cortex having a battery inside of itself (which I find ridiculously stupid and horrifying because we don’t have time to charge a full battery between every match). So, this might make batteries and chargers outdated as well.

I anticipate it will be similar to the IQ system: it has a slide-in rechargeable battery pack, and the controller has an internal rechargeable battery which charges via usb. IQ controllers last all day on a single charge.

I thought it would be like the IQ battery, a unit that can slide out of it. It would just make placing the V5 harder to make sure you can access it.

Can you buy multiple battery packs for the IQ controller? Even if one battery can last an entire day, if you have to do a lot of testing throughout the day, how would you manage that? Also, the robots that my team builds tend to be extremely power consuming because I prioritize efficiency and ability over power saving since my team has an excess amount of batteries.

As for the placement, I don’t think that would really change things. Even now we have to make sure the cortex is accessible, so it shouldn’t be a big deal to continue putting them in accessible spots.

Honestly I don’t like the fact that we know V5 exists. Every time I purchase motors, wires, or sensors there is the fact that they will become obsolete hanging over my head. Even if I consider them necessarily purchases they feel like a waste of my money. I’m also mentoring a team that is starting this year. Obviously they want to compete this year, but the ~820 dollar investment for the base electronics required to compete seems like a waste of money since it will all be obsolete next year.

you can buy spare batteeris: But there is no charger…like your cell phone, it plugs into USB for charging, so it would probably be easier just to have a backup controller (with a charged battery). I’ve got 22 VEX IQ sets, and never had a problem with controller charge (even with all-day summer camp), as long as they get plugged in the night before. A bunch of cheap USB wall adapters from ebay helps.

Sorry. I misread and then miswrote. I meant for the new V5 Cortex. Will that have a separate battery like we have now, or will it be like the controllers?

We don’t know anything about V5 yet.

that’s what we don’t know, were just speculating based on what VEX has released with the IQ platform.

Yeah that fumble at worlds has earned them a fair bit amount of ill will from some of us in the community.

Hopefully things are properly backward compatible. The trade in program may suffice for us.

Not fact based… but maybe safe assumptions…

7.2v batteries - yes, obsolete with the V5
power expanders - yes, obsolete with the V5
battery extensions - yes, obsolete with the V5
AAA batteries - yes, obsolete with the V5
chargers - yes, obsolete with the V5
LCD screen - yes, obsolete with the V5
393 motors - obsolete, but still usable
integrated motor encoders - obsolete, but still usable(?)

Another excellent suggestion. As of right now, we have not created a list of products that will eventually be obsoleted by the release of V5. I say eventually obsoleted, because it will not be immediate. Similar to the upgrade from the PIC to the Cortex, we’re not going to make using the V5 system a requirement for next season, as a number of teams just won’t have the budget for a full upgrade. I think it’s safe to say that the Cortex and the rest of the current control system will be supported for at least a couple of years after the release of V5.

I’ll pass this idea on to the development team to gauge their thoughts on this.