List of products/items to purchase?

Can someone tell me specific items/products I need to purchase in order to have everything for a team of 6 students who want to compete in In The Zone competition? I plan to conduct team sessions in my garage and so wondering what all things I need to have so that team can build, experiment and simulate match experience in my garage? I have so far ordered the Dual Control Starter Kit + Programming Hardware. Specific list of items or links to the products that I need to buy would be appreciated! Thanks!

There have been a few thread on this very subject. However, the main recommendation is to not order the kits. You save very little money doing this. Plus, you end of with parts that you may never use. The worst part of it is that the kits come with steel and most competitive robots use aluminum versus steel.

Hopefully, someone can post a link to apst thread on this subject. I seem to remember that someone even posted a recommended list of things to buy…

The dual control actually ends up being the only bundle I think is worth the price.
You pay only 100$ extra than the vexnet kit. Just the motors and the batteries make that worth it. You just need to be careful to only count the value of the parts you would buy anyway.

Hi there! Other than a field, there are quite a few parts you will need to build a robot. Here’s a list of the basics to get you started. It costs around $2000, and my guess is you could build most of a robot or an entire robot with these parts, depending on your design.

Other than these parts, there are a couple parts I’d buy from non - vex sources. Polycarb, zipties, and nylon spacers are found here : vex doesn’t sell polycarb and overprices the spacers and zipties. You can find better rubber bands than the vex ones here , and half priced pneumatic pistons here . This is the best screwdriver I’ve found , and you should use these motor screws instead of the ones vex produces. Good luck!
Parts List For New Teams.docx (16.6 KB)

Save you some time, here’s a link to the last time this was asked.

Other than all the VEX parts that have already been mentioned, make sure you have a good workbench and storage for your parts.

For tools for screws and nuts, we have lots at, but regardless of where you’re getting them, it’s well worth it to get some good ones that will last. Pretty much everyone I’ve talked to that’s used the drivers vex sells (Eklind brand) agrees that they are not worth it, so choose a different brand.

Also, don’t forget to get some other standard tools like clamps, saw, etc. There’s many threads you can search for about this. I think harbor freight is a good option for these, because you really won’t be using them enough to warrant expensive tools.

Awesome! Thank you all! Very helpful replies!

@itpragmatik , you can go to this thread if you are looking for controllers and such:

I would also recommend buying quite a few toolboxes that have small storage areas for smaller parts (screws, nuts, etc.) as well as bigger areas for things like battery chargers, controllers, etc.
Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

Thanks Joseph - which toolbox would you recommend? A URL/link you can post? Thanks.

we use these for carrying longer tools and metal, linky$_35.JPG?set_id=880000500F

we use these to carry assorted small parts, like nuts bolts, gears and sprockets, essentially 90% of our parts

thanks Parker!