List of WAV errors?

We have tried several programs and several different uncompressed formats of WAV files to upload to the Cortex. I know it needs to be unsigned, 8-bit, 8 KHz and mono and under 180K in size, but we have gotten several different errors. Is there a list of what each of the errors mean, so that we can try and get a working WAV file? We have gotten errors 7, 8, 13 (and 9, I think), but a master list would be nice.


I used audacity to make a file.

Have you been successful creating a file yet?

Error Codes for Memory Manager

1 - Cannot open file
2 - Invalid file size
3 - Cannot read file
4 - Invalid RIFF ID
5 - Invalid wave format
6 - Invalid format chunk ID
7 - Unsupported format tag
8 - Unsupported number of channel
9 - Unsupported sample rate
10 - Unsupported bits per sample
11 - Invalid data chunk ID
12 - Unsupported extra format bytes
13 - Invalid fact chunk ID