Literally a Q&A for worlds 2019 problems

I’ll start the chat to show how it should look:

How do you fix puncher ptc issues I added a 2nd motor but then that didn’t work

You’re definitely going to have to provide more information here to get any real help.

What gear ratio is it?
What gear ratio are the motors?
How many rubber bands do you have?
Do you have a ratchet?

Answer some of those questions and your chances of getting help dramatically increase.


Ok Buddy
No gear ratio its directly connected
Its a torque motor
3 rubber bands on each side and i decreased the space between the mounts for the rubber bands and that helped a bit
and i have no ratchet
Another problem
When I plug in one motor it works perfectly fine (the one that PTCs’) but if i plug in the other it doesn’t ( they aren’t reversed because for testing its in 1 and 10) i don’t know if its the ports on the cortex itself because when i switch the 2 wires it still ain’t work +they are reversed in the code because it one the same shaftfacing each other I NEED HELP

The motor itself may have broken brushes (It becomes hard to turn it from time to time manually). If the issue still persists, you might have some unwanted friction either from the bearing shaft or the slides themselves.


sorry i couldn’t mark you as a solution because no one would come to a solved chat

Not sure if these are relevant Q&A for you - were you just thinking mechanical, or anything related to Worlds?

  • Does anyhow have a good scouting app or spreadsheet that they plan to use for Worlds?

  • How are people planning to compensate for not being able to set up a whole field - we’re thinking of bringing out just a few portions (like the platforms with a few tiles, or some of the flag section).

  • Any news on how many practice fields they have set up this year? I heard maybe there was an extra under-used one last year? Is the venue layout up yet & I just missed it?


@doer could hit you up send him a pm or wait till tomorrow and ill get it for you
and this chat is not just question relating to worlds its also problems you have so other people can relate or help

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This depends on what you’re looking for. Are you looking for robot capabilities? Or their driver quality? Or even to some extent, how well they’ll work with you? Scouting is not a “one size fits all” job, so could you please reply with 1) what you’re currently using, and 2) what you are looking for in a team.

I’ve seen teams buy half a field from or even 2/3 of a field (for center platform uses). I believe that half kits are sold, but still check, as I do not purchase parts for the team.

Unfortunately, no one knows the field layout yet (unless it was in one of the tabs on Robotevents). Check the website again about a week prior to worlds and you’ll be fine.
Good luck and see you at worlds!



Looking for all of the above, to some extent! :slight_smile: Probably mainly focused on robot capabilities in the hands of the team with a side focus on how those abilities (and noted autons) would work with us.

Up to now we just use a pre-printed form to check off general capabilities (ground cap, low/high pole cap, flags, platforms, auton, descore) by checking a box by hand and jotting down some additional notes on the side. Usually, there will be a note about robot type (catapult / flywheel / clawbot / pushbot / etc) and also some jotted notes of extra information (such as what the auton does, points scored in it, and whether it completed successfully or not; also general issues noted or awesome things observed). It’s messy & hard to summarize quickly at the end!

We’re wanting to be more consistent and cleaner for Worlds scouting; I’m thinking maybe a spreadsheet filled out on a tablet for starters. On that spreadsheet we’d have the basic info, but also the team has discussed a score to be given for certain specific functions (such as a 1-4 range for X [ie speed or shooting ability], with detailed expectations of a robot for each number in the range pre-determined so a quick score can be noted). Then it would be easier to see a comparable diagnostic across all robots and the spreadsheet could do various calculations of those scores automatically (not sure how useful that would be yet without experimentation).

This would also allow us to maybe be able to see on a single, simple line that (for example) Team XYZ has a powerful 2BC shooter that can hit from across the field (4) but only average accuracy (2), can’t deal with anything but ground caps (1), but is very fast (4), and also has multiple noted autons that work consistently.

Just thinking out loud, really! We’ll be sitting down this week and coming up with more specifics on what to look for, then I guess we can just experiment with different spreadsheet formats that might make it easy. If we get something decent together we’d be happy to share (if anyone is interested).

We actually already have the field, just trying to figure out what is best to bring & set up (since there is a new 8X8 size limit on that).

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