Literature or Research on Competitive Robotics and Well-being skills

This is quite a long shot that I am trying here…

Recently I am given a challenge to do a conference presentation of how competitive robotics help to nurture/train up the students in the area of well-being skills.

For those who are not familiar with well-being skills, it is mainly about the mental and emotional wellness of the students.

I am sure all of us will agree that competitive robotics will help to train/teach the students in the following:

  • Stress and anxiety management
  • curiosity
  • self-determination
  • how to be active constructive in responding to team mates
  • growth mindset
  • understanding and dealing with failures
  • mental resilience
  • etc

I am sure the list is not exhaustive… but just to give you an idea what is well-being skills.

So now the help that I need - anyone has any literature or research that are dealing in this area? Competitive robotics and Well-being?

it need not even be VEX related.

I will appreciate any help from the forum :slight_smile:


Hi Meng,

I know VEX/RECF has commissioned at least one and (possibly more) study that examined some of these factors. While “well-being skills” were not the focus, I’m pretty certain they were referenced.

You may find some well-being skills referenced in the various studies FIRST has done over the years as well. Their longitudinal study was probably the best paper produced on the long term impacts of competitive robotics.

Good luck with your presentation; I’d love to see the final product!


Hi @Karthik thats great resources. Thank you so much.

I am actually going to take a look at your Ted Talk video again as well. lol…


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