Little confused by another forum topic - Skills Worlds Qual

-If I get third in skills at states, and places 1 and 2 qualify through another method, does the worlds spot pass down to me?

I’m fairly sure this is how it works. There might be some more clarification in the manual I believe. There was some talk about this during the months before Tipping Point Worlds, but I don’t remember where.

Edit: Found this.

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All the details are in a document called the “qualifying criteria”:

(That’s the document from 2021-22, this season’s likely won’t be out until late summer/early fall)

If there are extra worlds qualifications due to teams double qualifying, they’ll be awarded based on the region-wide skills rankings, not the skills rankings from the championship event.


Yes if the robot skills champion award is world qualifying, else at least one of places 1 or 2 would need to qualify through 2 other methods.