Live real time score for New Zealand Nationals

The Kiwibots will be holding their national competition on the 28th of Feb and 1st of March in Auckland New Zealand. We will be live streaming both divisions and attempting a VEX World first of live scoring the event so you will have an up to the second accurate score displayed on the streams with score rate graphs. Join us on line for what should be a fantastic show with a match scheduled on one division or the other to start every 2.25 mins!

The live streams will be brought to you by Massey University and we will have links to their pages from

The event is listed here

Match schedules will be posted on line as soon as they are available and Vex Via will be used.

We will also be revealing the 2015 KiwiChallenge at the National Event so, if you want something to do while you wait for the new VEX game to be announced, give it a go. It will be a blast!

A huge shout out to AURA and AMESS for their fantastic support over the season in running our scrimmages.

See you on line.

So this is like FRC scoring where the score is constantly updated as it changes in the match? That’s awesome! Any chance of seeing this at Worlds if it works?

Are you live scoring manually or did you do something like put RFID tags on all the cubes and readers on the poles?

That’s the idea. We feel it will make matches more exciting to watch- especially for people who aren’t involved with VEX and don’t understand what’s happening on field.

This is something that we have decided to do completely independently to RECF. (I know since I was the one who suggested it) The app which runs it had been custom written here in New Zealand. I do not think it is something you’ll see at Worlds this year, but who knows, they may like it and decide to integrate it. Also to note we will not be using the Live Score as the final score. We have dedicated scorers recalculate at the end of the match.

It seems unlikely. This takes extra volunteers and it is easy to justify signing up extra volunteers when they travel a reasonable amount but I doubt Worlds would want to have 4 extra volunteers per division to do a task of less importance. It always seems like at worlds they have a spot for every volunteer they can get their hands on.

Maybe if they fixed the “reward” for volunteering so it actually works. Last year my team had 1 person volunteer all Saturday and we were unable to get the bypass inspection line pass until it was absolutely useless. If this was actually useful more teams might have had nonessential members volunteer.

So after 8 hours of setup…

After another long day were finally all ready for matches to begin tomorrow.

Matches begin at 1045 NZ time and we will be streamed on This is 1645 EST and 1345 PST.

The divisions were drawn this afternoon and the match schedule wad generated not long after that. The RobotEvents page can be found here. We are having issues with divisions on RobotEvents at the moment, we are working to get it fixed by the time matches start. However, it is working fully on VEX VIA.

You will notice we had a few skills runs this afternoon as well. Congratulations to 2915a (Lynfield College)for a score of 62 in Robot skills and 7682 (Wingus & Dingus) who scored 48 in Programming skills. These are currently the 2 highest scores in the world in their respective challenges. We’re looking forward to posting more strong results as the weekend rolls on.

Match list for the Technology Division is here.

Match list for the Science Division is here.

We hope to see you all on the stream.

Bonus: The view from my desk.

This is going to be fun!

Live stream brought to you by the Fox, some Androids and a Raspberry Pi.

Aerial field video by SDI Pi Cams…

I’m excited to see the matches and how the really live scoring changes my perspective of the mathes!

The live stream will be up in about 50 minutes for the first match on

I am having trouble viewing the stream. All I see is a black screen. Is this my computer or is the stream down? :confused:

I believe they are taking a short break right now. Don’t worry, the stream (and live scoring) were working great and should be back up soon.

I have been streaming it from time to time this evening. It takes a bit to load and buffer, but once it gets going it is fine.

You get the audio for the whole thing (both divisions) but the video for just one division or the other. I have switched back and forth a few times.

I believe it is lunch break. It will be up again soon.

Thanks, good to know its working fine. I’m interested to watch matches with a live score update. Should be fun to watch!

It is all a black screen right now, but that may be because they are on a lunch break. They will be back at about 2:30 PM their time.

It’s back up! Next match scheduled for 36 minutes after the current hour. (7:36 central)

The live score update is a very cool function. They even have a continuous graph overlaid on the screen so you can see who has been leading, by how much, and for how long.

Would be sweet if they had that at Worlds.

Yes, sorry. We must have been on lunch break when you tried logging on. We are now back at it. I believe about 50 more matches before we finish for the day.

Yes, we’re all quite proud of how the Live Scoring turned out over here. We’ve nicknamed it FOCS (Front-end Overlay Competition Scorer).