Live real time score for New Zealand Nationals

FYI I believe you have a typo on the video page:

I believe it is 100,000 students, not teams

I could be wrong, but I don’t think there is 100,00 students either. I think they just have an extra zero. Because there are approximately 10,000 VEX teams.

Snapshot from…what are the odds of that?! haha

Same teams/organization, same win/loss, same SP.

The live stream is now up for our final day of competition. Matches will beginning in about 5 minutes. See you all shortly.

Hmm… is it lunch break now or some how I just couldnt get the streaming? :frowning:

Will you be releasing the app to the public and/or is it already available?

The live stream ended right before Final 3 of the 2 divisions :confused: Worst time to stop watching!! Is it going to go back up?

It did not go down for me.

So it was just me and a few others then. I was able to find out the score and who won the excellence award. Overall great performance by both sides.
These robots were very impressive… New Zealand is going to be a top contender at worlds this year yet again.

This was very fun to watch. The live score update made it much more intense.Thanks to those who made this possible.

The links for the Day 2 and elimination matches are down.
Will there be any intention to upload the day 2 proceedings?


This may be me just being stupid. But I was trying to follow the NZ event live via video and on On robotevents it only seems to show the scores and results from one of the divisions (not sure if it was science or technology).

Am I missing something? How can I view all 77 teams scores? I can only see the division that had 35 teams.

For example the teams that won the tournament

2900B Onehunga High School
2915A Lynfield College
7682 Wingus & Dingus Robotics

I cannot find their qualification results or finals match scores anywhere on robotevents.

Here is the link:

This is strange, since the results were definitely uploaded. You can access them on the Vex Via app.

Also, I would like to give a big thank you to whoever got this competition streamed live online. It was awesome to be able to watch and I greatly appreciate it.

Also, congrats to all the finalists/champions/and award winners. There seems to be some pretty serious competition over there in NZ. Can’t wait to see those robots up close at Worlds.

For anyone that missed it, 5 skyrises in 15 second auton is now the benchmark.

That’s good to know, thank you.

Sorry about the break in communication there. Things got a little bit hectic towards the end. I’ll start by answering some questions, then move on to a summary (from my perspective) of nationals.

I think you must have logged on over lunch. We were closing it down over these breaks.

There are two different apps that we used. The main one was developed by Nathan Allen (the guy who runs Nathan’s DB). This pretty much runs the competition from phones. From Starting Matches and Scoring to controlling what shows on screen when. This app is available for download on the Google play store, however the server which is required for competition integration is not available.

The second app was the one controlling FOCS. (The live scoring and worm which also appeared on screen). At the moment it is not public. It requires 7 phones and a server to work fully. I do not believe it will be made public (especially since it was game specific and won’t work for the next VEX game).

We’re sorry to here this! Unfortunately we didn’t shut it down so it must be a problem somewhere between Auckland and Virginia. However don’t fret too much, the archive should be going back online shortly and if it doesn’t then I’ll make sure that at least the finals videos go up on youtube.

See above. We do have archive footage of it all. If we can’t get it all up, we’ll certainly work on getting eliminations and awards.

The RobotEvent page is only displaying information from the Science Division. We do not know why, however RECF has been made aware of the problem and they’re working to try fix it. As VEX Raptors stated all information is available through VEX Via.

The stream was sponsored by Massey University. We had one of their techs on hand running it through their equipment. So a big thank you to them.

This post has got a bit long so I’ll do a summary one in the next post.

2015 New Zealand National Championship

It was a big one and by big I mean huge. Our biggest Nationals ever with 69 teams competing across 2 Divisions. We had Live Scoring introduced, which from the feedback I heard was pretty great. And of course it was all streamed to you.

Of course before I get to the details there were a lot of people involved in making sure it ran as smoothly as it did. The top of this list being our Dear Leader and Kiwibots National Manager Chris Hamling, who’s been working tirelessly for months on a long list of things including organisation, judges and live scoring. The judges from many of our sponsors including Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Glidepath, SMC, Smales Farm, The Lion Foundation, Massey University and last but not least CPIT. Hayden for being Hayden. Naynay and Kerey for the Event Manager app and server, Oliver for his efforts as Head Ref throughout the season and of course the team of volunteers put together by Abigail from AURA

There were a few things that you couldn’t see from the stream. At every driver station was an pneumatic line set at 100 PSI which all went back to a main compressor. This meant that we could be sure that every team was running at the exact same pressure. All of this was provided by SMC Pneumatics and once again thank you to them.

I’m not going to go through all of the awards since you can see them all on the RobotEvents page (even though it is still having a few issues displaying divisions). But there are a few I want to go through.

Excellence: 2918A - Glenfield College.
Once again truly deserved. These guys have a had a strong presence since VEX was introduced in New Zealand and it was no different this year. They had 2 teams in the Technology Division final and another Team win the Science Division. They really did make their presence felt.

Design: 2908x - MAGS (Mt Albert Grammar School)
Their design notebook was absolutely outstanding. When I first saw it I was completely blown away and I know a lot of the judges were as well. You should be proud of the work you have put into it.

Skills Winners: 2915A- Lynfield College (Robot) and 7682- Wingus and Dingus Robotics (Programming)
Both of these scores posted on Friday before divisions were announced and both of them (at the time) were number one in the world and incredibly impressive. I know I’m not the only one who’d like some video footage of the runs.

Partner of the Year: SMC Pneumatics
This is the third time their name has come up in this post. They are an amazing bunch of people. As I said before it’s because of them we could finally hard set the pneumatic limit for teams competing. I want to say a big thank you to Peter (the Auckland Branch Manager) he has been going far beyond his call for a very long time. Every year he flies over to Worlds and helps judge, not because he has to, but because he is genuinely feels that he should. I’m sure we will see much of him in the future and I really do look forward to it.

Volunteer of the Year: Nathan ‘Naynay’ Allen
It’s been a long time coming. The app is amazing. I know that if I think of something that might need changing at 3am the night before a competition, he’ll work on getting it implemented. Because of him Nationals ran as smooth as it did. On Saturday he wrote a script which took the signal to queue a match and made it change the camera being used and the field lights at the same time. It meant that our 16 monitor tech desk didn’t have to be attended at all.

To the competition, there was a lot going on. To have 48 teams competing in eliminations was great to see. You will notice from RobotEvents that each team also got 12 matches in. This is 4 more matches per team than last year, for quite a few more teams. We also didn’t have a single DQ this year which was good to see. There were a lot of intense matches with the Grand-Finals, Finals and 2 of the Semi-Finals going into their 3rd match. We also finally broke the 100 barrier in Final 3 of the Technology Division.

I think that’s just about everything. Hopefully RE will be fixed soon. Any questions just keep on posting, I’ll get around to answering eventually. If anyone was interested in my KiwiChallenge reveal the rules can be found here.

We’ll see you at Worlds.

Just a quick question, while watching the stream I saw Team 2191M’s number on the screen for instead of 2908x’s. I can only assume such was a mistake.

Ow! That is heartbreaking. Poor Marco - from total elation to total heartbreak in an instant. I really feel for him if that was on the big screen too.

We met team 2919 at the 2013 world championships for Sack Attack. Was looking forward to seeing them again, but alas they won’t be there. :frowning:

If that was the case can anyone at RECF able to do a solid favor for them? Slip you a $20 to magically move up the wait list?

Firstly I’d like to thank everyone for all their help at the Nationals; it really made running the event a lot easier and less stressful. I’d particularly like to thank Chris Hamling for all his efforts beforehand organizing the Nationals and making sure it worked. This was our largest Nationals ever and without all the work beforehand, it never would have been so good. I’d also like to thank Nathan Allen and Kerey Watters for their efforts in the remote control application for Tournament Manager; being able to control both the lighting and the vision control from a match being queued by the field made the lives of the technical crew a lot easier. Also a special thanks to Nick Look for travelling up to provide an amazing stream for everyone to watch.

In regards to the stream; all of the stream links are working again and teams are welcome to view any part of the event from the below links, they will remain on this system for a few years!

Day 1:
Day 2:

Day 1:
Day 2: [

Sadly this happens, and after 4 16+ hour days, you do forgot to click one button. We know that this happens and everyone makes mistakes. The winners of the design award were announced clearly but due to a mix up on my end running the slides, the incorrect team was displayed. We know it is hard but as volunteers we still are human and mistakes still happen.


It would be really cool if RECF found a way to link the yearly official Vex (insert game) App that is always offered to the Tournament Manager software. I don’t know how feasible this is but it would probably be easier for the official developers than for event volunteers. Two scoring volunteers aren’t hard to come by at some large events, and it could be made an optional feature. This would make the games a lot more exciting for spectators as well.