Live Remote Autonomous Scoring

The Live Remote Game Manual doesn’t explain autonomous scoring so I wanted to ask two questions about it:

  1. If I move a neutral goal to the opposing side of the field, does it count towards my points during autonomous?
  2. Do rings in the base of a goal count during autonomous? For example, if a team scored two neutral goals and the other team also scored two neutral goals but also with three rings in the base of one of the goals, does the team that also scored rings win autonomous, or is it still a tie? The reason I am confused is that during one of my live remote tournaments, the referee sometimes allowed rings in base to count as one point.
  1. Yes
  2. No. The rings are still in a “scored” states as per the manual. However, rings in mobile goal bases are worth 0 points, meaning in your given scenario the teams should tie autonomous. (note that since the rings are still in a scored state they still count toward AWP)

Apollo Division?


I’m in the Cassini Division.

The scoring during autonomous period is the same as during driver control period.
The only difference is the AWP - which is only valid during autonomous period.

And saying hi to you from singapore. I have teams in cassini as well.