Live remote competition - ownership of tied goals

I have not found the answer to this either here in the forum or in the latest Change Up game manual. If I am missing a location to check, please let me know so that I don’t fill up the forum with redundant posts.

Who gets ownership of a goal that is tied? That is, what happens when both alliances have the same final total score for that particular goal?

For a live tournament it’s clear: the color of the highest ball determines ownership; there can be no ties. But when you are adding points for goals, there is now the possibility of having the same score as the opposing alliance. Does either alliance get it? Do they share ownership? Does no one get it?

Since the goal doesn’t meet the definition of owned by either alliance, that means it isn’t owned at all.


Actually there can be, in a couple of cases (albeit one much more likely than the other):

  1. If a goal has no balls scored in it, or
  2. If a goal has multiple balls of different colors scored at exactly the same height (see Q&A602)