Live Remote Issues

First time posting here… Last week we attempted to participate in our first Live Remote Tournament. No matter what we did though we could not get the controller to connect to the computer simultaneously with the webcam. We checked the Chrome version, had the Experimental thing enabled, cleared the cache, tried multiple computers and controllers and microUSB cables… nothing worked, attempted to connect for over 2 hours and ended up not being able to compete.

Today we figured out that since we were using an i3 laptop and that might have been the issue (maybe couldn’t run webcam and controller at same time?) because when I connected it to an i5 it worked, however, our robot wouldn’t drive when in Solo Practice. I was under the impression that you did not have to have code in the When Driver Control bracket (when using vexcode blocks) as long as your motor and sensor setup is correct. Can anyone confirm or deny that? Also any advice on the controller woes would be greatly appreciated!

This is actually very helpful to my team who are competing in a live remote tournament this saturday,now i know we need to check and reconsider some things.