Live Remote Tournaments Scores

I noticed that live remote events do not publish match results nor record awards. Why not? I would like it if someone from REC responded. My team really likes to look at the results afterwards for analysis but the only way we can do that right now is by re-watching the stream. Will LRT worlds scores also not publish results because it is part of the Live remote system?


Same here. The reason for not posting scores probably has to do with the system. The LRT tournament manager is completely new and much different than the old TM. As a priority, integration with Robot Events comes after getting match play working smoothly.


I third this. I understand if scores can’t be put in, but they should at least update the awards with a teamwork champion at least so it shows in team profiles. That’s the least they could do since they don’t send trophy’s for winning. :frowning:


Exactly. Especially since the LRT system has been out since late december (i think), there’s plenty of time to program it to update robotevents too. @DanMantz can you offer an explanation?

Dan doesn’t owe any of us anything and certainly doesn’t need to be wasting his time continuing to respond to minor gripes about the amazing implementation they have formulated in order for us to have a season at all.

Thank you Dan, RECF and every EP this year that made the season actually happen.


True, we’re grateful to have the LRT system but there is obviously room for improvement. When you consider we’re paying half a grand for ten LRT matches, at least the scores should be recorded.

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