Live Remote Tournaments using iPhone as webcam?

Has anyone tried using Camo ( ) to use an iphone as a webcam with the Live Remote Tournament software? (We are trying to get a field set up in a garage and think we could use an iphone as a camera). Any advice appreciated.
OR is there a way to test the Live Remote Tournament software other than a full practice match at

I mean the easyest thing to do it to get an computor camera with an long usb cable, I know that I am not in VRC but , maybe thats the ezz thing

That is an option. I found a 15’ cable for $8 and can use the not so great laptop camera and hope we don’t tip it off the high stand! Still hoping though that we can use a better iphone camera and keep the laptop down low.

Can you Link it? 20ca

The free version of Camo apparently puts a watermark over the feed. I don’t know how intrusive of a watermark it is, but instinctively I would say that is likely to be a problem.

At the point where you are spending $40 on a piece of software just to be able to use your iPhone camera… I have to seriously ask why. In the Android world, many similar apps exist for free with no artificial limitations, though the computer-side software setup is likely to be a bit more involved (hence I still wouldn’t recommend it to the average team). More importantly, though, you can get a Logitech C270 for the same $40 price, which will likely be a whole lot simpler, easier, and more reliable.


Good point! It never occurred to me the cameras were not terribly expensive. And I do have one kid with a reasonable android phone so will check that out. Thanks!

I use Droidcam for many things and I find it works wonders.

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