Live stream of Clean Sweep Scrimage from New Zealand

RoboticsAtRangitoto are pleased to announce that they will be hosting and streaming the first VEX Clean Sweep Scrimmage in New Zealand.

This will be a two day affair with the first day a Boot Camp for new teams and existing teams to get used to the field. The second day will be the actual scrimmage that we will stream, scores, games rankings the whole thing. We will try to stream the first day as well. You will see the first iterations of the robots that will finally make it to the world champs! Look out for your friends from Dallas.

Perhaps you will even support the charity that is having a big fundraiser at the same time.

08/08/2009 09:00 to 15:00 ish (New Zealand Time)
08/09/2009 09:00 to 15:00 ish (New Zealand Time)

New Zealand is currently 6 hours behind Los Angeles (but a day ahead) so 9am Sunday in NZ would be 2pm Saturday in LA.

New Zealand is currently 8 hours behind New York (but a day ahead) so 9am Sunday in NZ would be 5pm Saturday in New York.

Have a look at [ to check the time from your location.]( to check the time from your location.)

Also, isn’t home school doing a programming demo on saturday at lunchtime-ish. That should be in the OP because other teams might actualy want to see that. EDIT: Didn’t read the OP myself.

You are correct. The plan is to video the presentations from the Saturday, edit them and stream them during breaks on the Sunday. We are working on the transmission schedule and will only be able to finalise it once we have a better idea of the number of teams etc attending.

SMC will have two pneumatic training desks there and we will be giving people a kick start with solidworks on the Saturday.

Not to mention collecting for Charity!:slight_smile:

I like that SMC part. Sucks i’m going to be using Inventor, Do you know who’ll be running the solidwork presentation/demo? Because when we were at the factory, was talking to one of the guys about CAD. That day was quite interesting actualy, stinks that we can’t use any of their stuff.

Wow, this a great oppurtunity. :D.

Is PST mean Pacific Standard Time? So if it is 13:00 to 19:00 PST, it will be 10:00 to 4:00 EST?

We have edited the first notice to help get the time difference clear (avoiding PST and PDT etc)

Currently 9am Sunday in NZ is 2pm Saturday in Los Angeles and 5pm Saturday in New York.

Have a look at to check the time from your location

Hope that helps.

…Wow…I’m an idiot…Sorry about the time mess up. :D.

So just to confirm, the event runs on Saturday and Sunday?

please upload some youtube vids too!
(dont wanna wake up at 2am! :D)
cant wait to see some of the designs ^^

Well, in Brazil It’s about 6 pm so I can arrive home and watch ^^

It runs on Sat and Sun in NZ, so you’ll probably be a day behind us (I think) so it’ll be running friday and saturday for you. And murdo made a good point, think you could save the stream and then edit and make it avalible for download (both unedited and edited) because i’d like to go back and watch what we did wrong.

The event will be Saturday and Sunday in New Zealand so…

In America that means Friday and Saturday. Basically as New Zealand is right on the international date line (we are the first to see the New Year!) everyone is behind us time wise!

Yes we will be recording the stream and trying to do all sorts of cool stuff with the recordings.

And, oh yes, if you can support the charity :rolleyes: “advert lol”

The solidworks demo/intro will be run by RAR and Massey. We intend having the VEX 3D libraries downloaded so don’t forget to bring a ZIP drive along if you want to save downloading all those ZIPs. I would be really easy if VEX supplied them as one big ZIP.

FYI most of the VEX pneumatics are supplied by SMC. That is why we arranged the workshop with them. Don’t worry one day when you are an engineer, or perhaps sooner, you will get to play with all of their stuff.

Just to make sure, ZIP drive=anything connected via usb e.g external hard drive?

Yes you are correct any external HDD etc will do. Allow for about 2Gb.

A question for anyone that has done streaming. We were using UStream but found that their adverts were very annoying, not to mention some of the things they were advertising. We are not working with Does anyone have a suggestion for a better stream host. does not have annoying pop up ads at least.

where will it be hosted? At massey, Rangitoto College or somewhere else?

Rangitoto College will be hosting it at their school.

Your team mentor/teacher/parent should have had an email with most of the details by now. We will be posting the final schedule, games times etc, during next week. We will post give the URL once we have completed it.

Please check with Massey if you have not received anything or email us.

Thursday night and we are getting excited. So much has been done to try to make sure everything goes to plan. We have more than four new teams joining us this weekend and our team is geared up to start getting the auditorium ready from 6pm Friday. It is going to be a long night!

Hope to see you guys watching.

Oh yeah there is a map of where you are watching us from :eek: (well your ISP anyway) at, not your exact location but one worked out by using [ Don’t worry we cannot tell who you are!

It just goes to show just how global VEX has become! :)]( Don’t worry we cannot tell who you are!)

:DFriday night 23:30 and the team has managed to get everything done!:slight_smile:

Our map shows that China and South Africa have joined the party and the USA is filling up!

The fields are set up, the tables placed, muffins ordered, coffee brewing and AV working. So at least we have kept the gremlins at bay so far.

For those interested you can download the drawing of our AV setup from we hope it covers everything!

Here is hoping that tomorrow lives up to the motto ‘Party, compete, repeat!’.

See you all seeing us soon. We should be streaming test/general stuff tomorrow!

Wish us luck.

RAR 2901

, not your exact location but one worked out by using [ Don’t worry we cannot tell who you are!

It just goes to show just how global VEX has become! :)]( Don’t worry we cannot tell who you are!)

haha this map is pretty exact! The location marker pinpointing my area is pretty accurate.


For anyone who’s watching, you can watch the stream on as well. The chat feature is not available on the original link.

Also, to someone who’s moderating the video, there’s a BUNCH of background noise in the stream. If someone could…help out with the background noise, that’d help a BUNCH.