Live Stream: St. Mary Catholic Schools VEX Robotics Competition

Live stream will begin around 9AM CST. Hopefully we will have audio this time!

Thanks for sharing.

I tried to link to 4 hours, 59 minutes, 40 seconds into the video. Not sure why the time is being taken off the link in the forum post.

After all 8 alliances had made a pick, they (all 8 pairs) dispersed down the line to talk to the remaining teams. I’ve never seen this in Ohio. Is this typical in other parts of the country?

We don’t do this in the Iowa/Nebraska area.

I’ve seen this in Kentucky in the last couple of years. After round one, the emcee will announce that existing alliances have 5 minutes to size up the remaining teams.

While it sounds like this would make things go more slowly, it actually seems to have had the opposite effect. The extra 5 minutes lets the alliance captains zero in on a short list of remaining teams. Since they started doing this, I’ve seen only one instance where a captain tried to pick an team that was no longer available. It used to happen much more, and lead to lots of time passing while the captain consulted notes or screens to determine which pick to try next.

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