Live Streaming Worlds

Does anyone know if VEX Worlds livestreams their matches? Our team unfortunately did not make it to Worlds (1st full year of competing) and my students are interested in watching the matches if possible.

Thanks in advance if this question has been answered several times

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There should be a broadcast somewhere on YouTube. When it starts just search up something like “Vex Worlds” and it should pop up. If not there’s so many people that’ll link it to you on this forum.




** where


is a number between 1 and 14 (inclusive) to get division-specific streams in a less annoying player format
See for a complete list of all channels.

Is there a way to see which number corresponds to which division stream?

If you go to a channel’s page, under the Events tab you can see the upcoming events for this year titled by division.

For example, VRC TV: Ch. 2 will be the middle school Spirit division.