Live townhall chat

I thought this might be nice to have

I wish we would just do virtual worlds and keep the season normal

Animation challenge what is this?

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That is outdated already lol

I’m watching the townhall i can’t wait for in person worlds

tfw veronica has no sound.

Yea me too. . . Ggrrgg

yeah no sound for me either, could hear dan fine

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If the quality of this webinar is any indication of the quality of the events to come… I might want to reconsider my attendance.


Still no audio for u?

I don’t have anything, it seems to be on their end.

Lmao, Man Dantz be acting like there’s gonna be a 2022 worlds.

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$495 this is a joke right? This has to be a joke.

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I gotta go to Dallas next year it sucks for a first year team not to go to worlds

FTFY: It’s sucks as a 3 year team to not got to Worlds. Not all first year teams go…


Wohoooo new game for 2022!!!

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Sorry, totally missed the first part of this stream, can I find it anywhere on youtube after? Or just a file of it?

Where’s the stream link?

Am I correct to say that these multi-regional events will decide qualification individually?

Here is a link to the stream transcript:

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