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Are the replays from each team’s match’s at worlds stored anywhere?

If you head to and in the search bar look up VEX TV: Ch. (enter a number between 1-14), you can find the channels that all the matches and ceremonies were (or are if you want to watch VEX IQ) live-streamed on RobotEvents from Turning Point and previous years (ITZ, Starstruck, etc.)

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Can you post a link to the videos?

All Stream Links for VRC and VEX IQ Worlds 2019:

VRC Parade of Nations:
Parade of Nations VRC

VRC University:
Innovate Division
Design Division

VRC High School:
Science Division
Technology Division
Arts Division
Math Division
Engineering Division
Research Division

VRC Middle School:
Opportunity Division
Spirit Division

VRC Skills Final:
VRC Skills Final

VRC HS Round Robin & MS, HS, and University Worlds Championship:
VRC Championship Matches

VEX IQ Parade of Nations:
Parade of Nations VEX IQ

VEX IQ Middle School:
Science Division
Technology Division
Engineering Division
Math Division
Arts Division

VEX IQ Elementary School:
Apollo Division
Cassini Division
Hubble Division
Chandra Division
Viking Division

VEX IQ Skills Final:
(Will update with link when it is streamed)

VEX IQ Elementary and Middle School Worlds Championship:
(Will update with link when it is streamed)

Let me know if the links aren’t working.


Thank you very much!

A little update, here’s the link to the VEX IQ Elementary and Middle School Worlds Championship:

VEX IQ Championship Matches

Timestamps for VEX IQ Championship Livestream:

The introduction of teams starts at 38:25.
First Match starts at 53:56.

Enjoy watching all the replays of 2019 Worlds and best of luck to all the teams in Tower Takeover and Squared Away :smile:!

-Alex | 7701T

Off-Topic Question I ran into while making this post

I could not edit my previous post for some reason to add this on (you can tell because I accidentally deleted the original list of links). I’m assuming you can not edit a post after a certain amount of time (like 24 hours?).

If anyone has this answer and know the time it takes before you can not edit a post, feel free to dm me, I don’t want to get this thread off-topic. I’m still kind of new to the posting on the VEX Forums thing.

Thanks in advance to the people that do dm me.

Response to off-topic question

Correct, after 24 hours you can no longer edit posts.


@Barin Thanks for answering. Got kind of confused when I could not edit the post to attach the link and just assumed that they have a timer as to how long a post could be edited by a user.

It seems that there is no elimination matches for Design Division in VEXU

Sorry for the late response, but the live stream for the elimination matches for the Design Division in VEXU just got posted a day ago.

Design Division Elimination Matches

Matches for the day start at 45:22
Elimination Matches start at 5:29:04

-Alex | 7701T

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I have got it, thank you very much.

Posted most of the elimination matches from VEX Worlds 2019.


Does anyone know where i can find the video of the unveil of In The Zone?

Starts 1hr29min into this video.

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