LLemu no longer working. cannot figure out why

So my codebase for my robot is too big right now to put it all into this topic but if you want to look at it, it is here.

Anyways I started coding this a while back after realizing that i screwed up my pros project and started from scratch. The driver control works. So does my custom logging namespace. But for some reason and I cannot deduce why as there is no compile error or any hint as to why llemu has stopped working. I run pros::lcd::initialize(); but it does not show the green llemu screen with the four grey buttons. I tried creating a new pros project to see if there are any header include differences but there are none directly relating to llemu. I am at a loss and i need llemu to be able to config my lemlib auton code. If you want specific code screenshots or pictures/videos of the robot running the code im happy to give them i have no clue what someone would need to figure this out though. I do not want to start from scratch again but if i cant figure this out by tuesday thats what im going to have to do.