Load Testing Batteries

Load testing batteries

Hello all. My vex team is attempting to load test our 7.2v 2000nAh Ni-Cd batteries. Our robots arm is using too much energy out of the batteries, so we want to test the batteries to attempt to come up with a new idea to fix the issue.

Can you expand a bit on what you mean by “too much energy out of the batteries”.

We are using older batteries and the draw on the voltage is very great, dropping the battery from 7v to 4v. This leads to the arm unable to be raised or lowered until the battery has returned to the 7v, which you can guess can be a hindrance on our performance during the event.

Older batteries apparently develop crystals inside them which limits their life if they are not used for a while (in between Vex seasons for instance). This can limit their usefulness.

I have read so much conflicting information on NiMH batteries I don’t know what to believe any more (including my belief if the above statement is all that true), but getting more than two seasons out of a Vex battery is what you may want to plan for.

Thank you for answering. The main issue though is that we want to load test them. If you know a good way to load test batteries I would love to hear it. ^^