Loader sections - leave loose?

We just got our Skyrise kit and the instructions say to leave the screw out of the Skyrise loader ring. I am concerned it will break.

There’s quite a bit of play in that ring and I wonder how much abuse it will take without breaking. (I don’t see replacement rings for sale)


I see why that is in there because clamping it tight makes it impossible to get out. (can’t see how hard in a static picture)

However, if you stick some washers in there, you get stability of the ring and a nice loose ring for the skyrise sections.

Anyone else have concerns about these rings without an attachment?

Based on our testing, the rings should be strong enough to handle the wear and tear of normal gameplay (and even abnormal gameplay). :slight_smile:

Will individual replacement rings or warranty replacements be available in case they break for some reason?

Items under warranty which are damaged during normal usage may be subject for replacement. Contact our support department for information support@vex.com or 903.453.0802

Hmm … sounds familiar… .