loading cubes

In a match or skills, can you load cubes in either starting tile, or do they have to be loaded in one of the two specifically?

In skills can you use the 3 stars on that side as preloads? Or do 2 of the have to be loaded during the run?

Be a little more specific about Karthik’s answer so it is clear to every one:

Note what is bolded in his answer ** Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile **. There are two Alliance Starting Tiles in the game, but only one of them can be used for introducing Driver Control Load and that is the one located on the side of the field bounded by the Alliance Station. The Alliance Station should be taped off at tournaments. Drivers are not permitted to leave the Alliance Station area during the match.

Look in Q&A before posting questions like this. The rulings there may contain the answer you are looking for without having to make a post like this.