Loading driver loads in skills

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The clarification -
A) Do the driver load have to be loaded or can they be placed on the field?
B) If loading the driver loads does the physical robot have to touch the colored square or can it be hanging over it? Ex… The robot pulls forward. The arm is over the colored square but the base is not touching the colored square. Then the team holds the cube and the claw closes on it. Legal?
C) When placing the driver loads on the field, I believe I read a thread somewhere that said that the driver loads just have to be touching the colored tile and not completely in. Correct?

A) They can be placed on the field, a long as they are placed in the red or blue starting tiles

B) Yes


I believe your robot has to be at least touching the starting tile for you to load the objects directly onto it.

In the manual, it shows that the driver control loads must be completely within the starting tile to be legal.

@4361T karthik just overruled this, he said its legal in this thread
Not some 3 hours ago

They can be placed on the field as long as it’s the last 30 seconds of the match (unless you are talking about skills, then it’s as soon as the skills run begins) and as long as part of the cube is placed so it’s touching the starting tile near the alliance driver station.

Yes, the robot had to be physically touching the colored starting tile near the alliance driver station if you want to place the driver control load directly on to the robot without the driver control load touching the tile itself. If the driver control load touches the starting tile then you don’t have to worry about where the robot is.


Adam T. -

This is skills. It says that you can enter them at any time. What you referenced is a regular match.
Thanks though.

Yup, just saw this.

The rules for driver loads are the same as a regular match.


Not the same for loading them. In a regular match you do it in the last 30 seconds. In skills it says at anytime as in RSC3