Location of the Driver Stations

Hi, I was just wondering if it would be possible to change the location of the driver station from the behind the hanging zone to the sides. I am asking for this because I think that some teams might make catapults to shoot buckyballs and big balls from the goal zone to the hanging zone. If they miss, they might hit the drivers because it is legal to accidentally throw game objects out of the field in an act of descoring. Moving the stations to the sides would also help driver visibility and prevent cramping inside the smaller driver stations. Thanks. :smiley:

I like their location. Teams can banter back and forth during the match. It should be fun.

The driver stations are the only part of this game that I don’t like. They are bunched in very close to each other and are very small (there was little enough space in the Sack Attack stations, and fitting everyone in that space was sometimes an issue). How do you expect 4 to 6 people to stand comfortably in such a small zone?

If they really must be close to each other and on that side of the field, can they please wrap around the corners like the Gateway alliance stations? I really don’t see the point of the robot interaction spots being separate from the zones…

Maybe wrap it around the corners, where it is now? Like Clean Sweep was? It does seem a little small compared to past years.


I had the same idea. They had that same setup in Gateway, and I really liked that setup.

I posted about this in the Q and A however i didnt post it for the reasons you did about space… I chose to ask about it because i dont understand how preloads or auton orientation will work if you cant stand at your starting tile! HELLO VEX! LETS BRING SOME SENSE INTO THIS!

You can reposition your robot during Autonomous by standing near the X’s marked on the field diagram. See <SG4> for more detailed information. There are no manual loads this year, and preloads must be used. See <SG2> for information and diagrams.

I think vex should change this because having both alliances on the same side cuts the space in half where drivers and coaches can be. The space is already small as it is. The way it is currently set up is improper because with four 3-person teams, that is 12 people in a space 12’ wide when according to harvard university the average human shoulder width is 1’6", this is way too small for people as this gives only 1’ per person.

BTW here’s the link for the info I found. http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~loebinfo/loebinfo/Proportions/humanfigure.html

I really hope that they change it because this year it was hard enough to get all the members for just 2 teams in spots where they had a good view and that was with only 2 teams per side. with all 4 teams on one side it is going to be very crowded if there are 4 teams each with 2 drives + 1 coach each.

Was it just me or wasn’t there match loads Friday night? (Look at Figure 4 for proof)

Also, I hate the location of the driver stations. What if a couch from the other team decides to try to distract our team?

I don’t think this is the issue with the driver stations. I would hope that we can assume teams would follow the spirit of VRC and be courteous and use gracious professionalism towards other teams.

Honestly the only concern is space for 8 drivers across with 4 coaches to be able to see the field through them.


Not only that, but it will be almost impossible for the drivers to see the robots that start off in the middle zone,

When the decision regarding the driver station configuration was made, the GDC did testing to confirm it isn’t “too crowded.” While there may not be as much room as previous years, there is still a lot of space there.

If we see that during the season there is a problem, we may reconfigure – but since zero matches have been played, it is probably a little early to be requesting a change.


I was wondering what would happen if teams built a robot similar to the one in the game reveal. Some big balls fell out of the field when it catapulted them and if that happened from the goal zone to the hanging zone or the middle zone to the hanging zone, it would hit the drivers, which would be very distracting since referees would have to squeeze between the two alliances or in front of the alliances to put the game object back on the field where it last exited.

hello … firstly i like this game … with driver stations i think until we can get some practice in you can’t form an opinion, realistically you need a max of three people, realistically there is enough room …

i like the idea that blue and red are literally next to each other … :smiley:

final concern … yes the firing of balls could be interesting … but what you have to think is where-ever you are standing you are at risk … and the big balls don’t look that heavy anyway … so if they hit you it wouldn’t hurt … just b annoying …

suggest teams bring a cricket bat with them to wack off unwanted large balls :wink:

I hope this wouldn’t adversely affect teams with shorter coaches. Some of the best coaches in NZ aren’t the tallest people around and they really can’t afford to be standing behind anybody else…

The smaller driver station is too small to fit four teams in them without overflow. The refs are either going to have to be more lenient with overflow of the boarders, or the size will have to be increased. The sections were already pretty crowded at worlds.

If space isn’t an issue, I am still confused on the point of robot interaction. Why would you put the drivers station away from where the drivers can actually touch the robot? Excepting the fact that the crowd view is from that side.

In my opinion, the driver stations are way too small. Given the length of the field is 12 feet and there is about a one foot space between the red and blue stations then that gives 12 people from two teams to stand in 11 feet of field viewing space or about 11 inches per person. Try to stand in an 11" space, it’s a little small. Someone might suggest that the coaches stand behind their team but that’s not always practical since some of our drivers are over 6’ tall and some of the coaches are only about 5’7" tall.

I would suggest that the driver station boundaries be wrapped around the corner of the field. This would also give better access to the starting tiles.