Lock Collars on big axels

So I have a problem where I have a large axel connected to a motor but it only extends past the one bar, so how should I keep the axel from moving

You’re probably not going to have much luck using a cantilevered HS axle (especially for powering high-torque mechanism a catapult). At minimum, they should go through at least one bearing on each side.

I would probably add a beam on the other side mounted from a standoff to support the shafts from two points. If that’s absolutely not an option, then you might be able to get away with a cantilevered gear on a screwjoint.


This won’t be as strong as a high-strength joint, but may do the trick for one or two gear stages. You also can’t do it for the joint that engages with the motor (since you can’t screw into motors).


I have never heard of a cantilevered gear or a screwjoint. I am going to try to mount it with a piece of metal and standoffs, but could you explain the other ones.

A cantilever is the setup you currently have in the photo, where the gear is only supported from one side. A screwjoint is a way of mounting things that spin off of a screw. I attached a diagram of what that looks like.

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