Lock Gears for Elevation

Do you need to lock your gears after elevating? If so, how might you lock your elevation in place after the timer hits 0, ideally without using a motor?

Yes, all motors are turned off at end of match, so you will need to design a system that holds its position without the motors. There are topics that address them. So read through the forum to find ideas that meets your end game strategy.

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What @lacsap said is good advice. Common techniques are either a ratchet or a worm gear. I hope you find what you need!


Yes, you would need to lock your gears after elevating because your robot will turn all of the motors off. I recommend the “EDR Custom Ratchet Design”, Check this link out to see how to build it. You can also use a screw and rubber bands with a thin strong metal washer (It would need to be strong so it doesn’t bend) and have it at an angle on the gear so the gear can go one way and move the screw but gets locked the other way. This is very efficient and easy to build. I hope this answers your questions.

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