Locking clamp with single acting piston

Is it possible to make a locking clamp with a single acting piston without jamming up the claw on the way back? Will it require any rubber banding?

Off of the top of my head with quick sketching, yes. It is definitely possible without rubber banding too. If you haven’t already, I recommend you go through the forums and search through previous topics.

Over center lock, just invert the cylinder so when cylinder piston gets pushed out the clamp closes

Sure, anything is possible with the right design. The only difference between a single-acting cylinder and a double-acting cylinder is the force of the return. You can add additional force externally to the single acting cylinder.

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Yeah, we have made one with a single acting cylinder, it didn’t require much modification from the original design, just somthing to keep it from going down too far. (We have a bit of rubber banding, but it is was not necessary, we just added it just in case)

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but how would the clamp actiavte? We only have one spare piston

yes you can make a locking clamp with a single acting piston. I found that it helps if you aid the return with rubber bands

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Not how it works unfortunately, but I would reccomend inverting it for other reasons

Works great, just had to add spacer so it doesn’t lock too far