Locking mech for intake with hinges ?

I’m thinking maybe pnemautics

Nah. Pneumatic are not worth for a lock. I mean if you really dont want to build a lock, you could always have a bunch of rubberbands to hold it in place. But on our bot we have a lock similar to 8059D’s bot where it is just 2 pieces of bendy metal on a joint connecting the side of the intake to something on the robot where it can be screwed in to limit the intake from pivoting all the way down. And we have rubberbands assisting the flipout, and after that, it locks.

This is a GIF of 8059D’s locking mechanism

Could u perhaps show me a pic of yours ?

I can send a pic of mine later today.

Pneumatic locks are possible and doable, if you really aren’t using them elsewhere and can spare the motors, but you can figure out more passive ways to lock a mechanism. The main reason you would consider a pneumatic latch is if you have to unlock the mechanism as well. Pneumatics would allow you to toggle the lock on and off if you needed to for some reason.

Sounds good klein

NYLON STRING. Forgive me, but this is an obvious one that many people overlook. It’s incredibly easy to stop the lift from going farther down. Just zip-tie the string so the intake stops at a predetermined distance. Rubber-band the intake so it’s pushing down, and you’re done. If you want you could add a shaft lock (my teammate made a BEAUTIFUL design) to make it completely rigid when extended.

@Infinity Minus1 provided a smart idea for a lock. Maybe that can work for you.
This is not my idea, I was struggling similarly with an idea and he helped me out.
Thnks again @Infinity Minus1