Locking mechanism for intake rollers

Yes, and yes. More— longer flaps will get you higher compression.

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Those are the longest flaps and it can flex outward slightly but the rails stop it from going all the way. Is there any way I can have the rails in more? Or another mechanism idea?

Yea there is. The bearing for the outer sprocket can be changed to a 90-degree bearing on the outside of the c-channel if that makes sense.

You could try moving the whole mechanism to the inside row of holes on the c-channel, which should give you a bit extra. Honestly, if you haven’t already, try adding 50% more rubber bands and see if that helps.

@robotguy that wouldn’t help with more compression bc there is no way it Is stopped from moving out.

The rails are all the way over there to stop it


Excuse the terrible drawing
Red-c channel, black are bearing, blue axles, purple chain, yellow motors

This moves your outer sprockets further in and offers more compression

ok, sorry, I was under the impression that the rubber bands were deflecting out as cubes put pressure on the rollers.

They could do the same with the motor and other sprocket too, to offer even pressure.

As rhe cubes put pressure it goes out.

Does it stretch the rubber bands when it does?

I’m confused with that design and school is starting so gotta go :frowning:

That’s not optimal. More bands would fix that

And yes slightly 20 char

How would i prevent it from going back past, say 1cm?

maybe put spacers on the sliders to block the arm from swinging out. Just make sure there’s still enough room to shove cubes up there

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The room to put cubes isnt a problem, however the rail has to be stored in the 18x18x18 at the beginning of the match.

So, i will double the flaps, then figure out how to put spacers, and my other issue is that the tray has something attached to the tray tipper, that is on the exterior. It has a shaft collar, and keps nuts, however my problem is that the shaft collar gets in the way of the intake arms therefore lifting them up as it goes to the vertical position.

could you share an image? I don’t quite understand