Locking Mechanism for Tray

After observing some matches on YouTube I’ve notice that some robots with lifts are able to get under robots with trays, lift, and essentially cause the tray to bend foward towards the closed position, resulting in cubes falling out. Has anyone developed a locking mechanism for the their tray yet I can’t seem to find any on the forums.

Just look on youtube if you can’t find anything on the forum.

Locking mechanism are hard to do since they require small and exact parts.

For this however you can just use a ratcheting mechanism to only allow it to go one way (manually it can go back).

image image

This isn’t my design btw it’s just something I found on YouTube. I’ve never tested so I can’t speak to it’s effectiveness


If you build your tray right you may get away with stronger banding solutions which are less subject to this type of defense. 20190910_140831
You can see X banding. This type is very strong when tensioner correctly and definitely helps with that foul play. It’s additionally up to the pivot point of the tray.


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