'locking out' other team's platform

If this is covered already I apologize.

It appears to be allowable to shove the opposing team’s shortest goal UNDER their tipped platform, thereby ‘locking’ the platform at an angle. Unless they can 1)get under the platform and 2)grab & remove the goal they are then blocked from any ‘balanced platform’ scoring.



This has been addressed in the Q&A:



As this idea was raised in our workshop and resulting conversations and Q&A referenced above, the conclusion is that it does not make sense to deposit a mobile goal or any item that will be left behind under the opposing alliance platform to be present in last 30 seconds which according to Game Manual and Q&A will result in a DQ. No question about it. The burden lies solely on the alliance robots to remove it before last 30 seconds of match.

Use these constraints as needed to develop game strategy.


Thanks for the quick and accurate replies.

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Follow up, what if RED team bumps a goal on BLUE’s platform while trying to remove them early in the game. The goal may or may not slide down and cause the platform to become inclined. If the BLUE team does not affect the position of the goals that RED affected (but did remove) on the platform, would they cause RED to take a penalty?

I think they should let you push goals underneath platforms personally, because I don’t want this to devolve into a conversation about iNtEnTiOnS. If ANY piece RED contacted [last] is still in contact with BLUE’s goal when the final 30 seconds begins, is that an AUTOMATIC infraction for every piece?

This is clearly addressed as one of the comments pointed out:


Intentions are not a factor, only whether it interfered with gameplay (though still a judgement call)


Thanks. It feels obvious now, but you are right. While “interferes with gameplay” is still a judgement call, it is a much easier one to make, and I have no problem making that call over and over.

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