Locking Screws - Re-apply plastic?

Is there a way to reapply plastic to locking screws where the plastic comes off or should I not bother? I am not sure how well it works at this point?

The pre-applied “nylon patch” is designed for only a couple assembly/reassembly steps. Fasteners like this are used in industry a lot so that assembly personnel don’t have to fool around with a bottle of liquid threadlocker. When I worked for La-Z-Boy, we specified these screws all the time for the mechanism assembly.

The alternative, where locking screws are needed, is to use “Locktite” ™ or a similar threadlocker. Be sure to get “medium strength” or you won’t get the screws apart. Here’s a recommended source for all kinds of hardware (and other tools and supplies): VEX Hardware Thread Locker, Medium Strength, 50ml


If you are applying threadlocker to screws, I vastly prefer the “gluestick” style Loctite 248 over the liquid Loctite style. Even though it’s a bit more expensive, you won’t waste it constantly when students spill or overuse the liquid type. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s easy to remember