Loctite and Spacers

Anyone having anything strange happening when loctite gets inside of spacers? We’ve had a lot of spacers cracking on us and we think the plastic may be reacting with the loctite in some way.

This is not something I have personally experienced, but through some cursory googling (for queries such as “loctite nylon spacers reaction”) I was able to find several references to Loctite reacting negatively with various plastics, including ABS, polycarbonate, and nylon (the latter of which I believe vex spacers are made of):


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Lock tight is not legal for VexIQ. Most of the common types of Lock-tight will eat the VEX IQ parts since they are plastic.


I can see that being a problem with IQ. Locktite is legal for VRC competitions, however. Reference R16 G in the game manual. We have used purple (low strength/small fastener) on items that experience a fair amount of torque and it really helps.

@sabarrett328 You posted the question in the VEXIQ section, so I assumed that you were asking about VexIQ and answered that way.

You might want to repost your question in the VRC general section or VRC technical areas. You’ll get a VRC answer that you a seeking.