I was just wondering if anyone has a preference of the type of Loctite they apply to VEX screws. I’m looking for a way to fasten the small, long screws into the motors without them falling out (at each competition and even when practicing I’ve had where the two screws on both drive motors fall out, and I DO NOT want that to happen in Dallas. And yes, thread locker IS legal). However, I would still need to unscrew them with the Allen wrenches in case I need to repair the motors (but I just don’t want them vibrating out, so Loctite is the best bet).

Thanks to all that help!

Try using teflon tape… you might need to re-apply it after you unscrew it, but it holds the screw more snuggly without the screw actually sticking to anything.

screw them in so tightly so that you cant see the brass gold ring from the motor screw holes
(you screw them so tightly they go IN the berring blocks)
we have always done that and they hardly fall out

I make them pretty tight already, just over use they gradually vibrate out.

I know thread locking is legal, but would Teflon tape be legal as well?

It would be really, really nice if we had a Nylock screw that would fit into the motors.

This is completely unofficial BUT I have a gut feeling that the silver screws (6-32) hold better.

Call me crazy but no problems so far.

There are several variants of locktite thread locker available but the type you will most likely be selecting from at the store is the red or the blue version. The blue is temporary or removable while the red is permanent or not-easily-removable. We have used both on various screws during our robot builds however I recommend using the blue on the motor screws. Either red or blue is good for the other structural screws. Make sure you don’t go crazy with it because a little dab will do ya. By the way, teflon tape is not allowed according to the competition rules.

This is what we use. It is low strength so you can get it out. It is purple.
The one issue is that it will ruin plastic, particularly the small black plastic spacers. We have had issues in the past at getting all the other versions apart.

Thanks for reminding me, I need to buy more.


Well, I’m worried about it chewing up the plastic. All I have is a small screw through a Delrin bearing and into the motor, and all I plan to do is use a small dab and screw it into the motor.

We haven’t had any problems with the bearings. The purple loctite does make the black spacers brittle.