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What software programs/websites did everyone use to make their team logos?

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photoshop ig lol, and illustrator

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Whats illustrator

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Adobe Illustrator

For those not inclined to pay exorbitant subscription fees to Adobe, there are GIMP and Inkscape.

GIMP is a free alternative to Photoshop, considered by many to even be better than Photoshop in some ways.

Inkscape is a free alternative to Illustrator. It works with vector graphics in the (open standard) SVG format instead of Adobe’s nonsense proprietary formats. It has some occasional stability issues (save your work frequently), but the featureset is solid.


If at all possible you want to design your logo with a vector program like Inkscape or Illustrator. Using GIMP or Photoshop will give you a raster image which won’t scale well if you ever want to make it really big (like if you were going to print a banner or something).

If you’re looking to make a new logo, avoid headache later and make it vector from the start. Vector images can easily be exported to raster in whatever size you need for a website or whatever. If you ever get the logo printed on tshirts or banners or anything, the print shop will almost certainly prefer a vector format.


The next person who says gimp is better than pdn will have to answer to me

Paint.NET is not cross-platform, and quite literally doesn't even have half the features of GIMP. GIMP competes with Photoshop; Paint.NET does not.

With that said, Paint.NET should suffice for basic raster logo design.


No joke, all of my logos are made in PowerPoint :slight_smile:

Cardinal Sin

Once upon a time, I did this too.

Until I learned about Inkscape.

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This is kinda powerful

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Oh dang the dark theme. Someone’s getting edgy :wink:
But in all seriousness, how did you do that? I have never seen it before

File > Account > Theme (I think it’s called Theme)

I prefer Dark Gray, which is also what @Connor showed above, but there is also a Black theme.


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