Logo Improvements

So last year I put together our team logo the night before our first competition in about 10 minutes including finding a logo maker and finding the lightning bolt images. Since we printed the notebook with this logo once, we didn’t want to change it that year. Now, however, we want to change the logo and make it a little more fancy and interesting but don’t know what to do. I would appreciate if you all would be able to pitch in and throw forth some ideas. The logo is our avatar pic, but I’ve also attached it to this post.


Obvious question, but just want to be sure: Are you sticking with “Electrobotz” as your name?

Now for the variations: That same spelling? Would you consider internal capitalization?

Hate to break it, but the lightning looks more like an “S” than an “l”

If they do it right they could make it the Z pretty easily though.

As mentioned, the z would make a good lightning bold. Also, you can keep the l as a lightning bolt while making it look different. You might make it look like L with a big underline for the name, swishing some to the left and all the way to the right.

To make the lightning bolt more like an I, have it zigzag at least six or so times from top to bottom. That way, it’s not one individual zigzag that is very pronounced.

If you write it in two lines, you can combine the l and z in one lightning bolt. I’m trying to roughly show the spacing here, trying to bypass font issues by using the periods:

. . . .Electro. .
. . botz. . . . . .

l to top left of z, through the z, and perhaps continue down from the bottom right of the z

You can wrap it with something if it looks too empty with just the words and the lightning bolt.

Yes we are sticking with Electrobotz as our name. It’s something I’ve had in mind for several years even before I started our team.

Ok thanks for the suggestions. I’ll make changes according to what everyone has said and I’ll post the new one. But keep throwing suggestions. I really appreciate all of your support. :slight_smile:

Ok so this is what I have so far:

Screenshot (55).png

Wait. I got this:

Screenshot (56).png

I feel like you don’t need the lightning bolt underneath if you have two already. They get the idea, haha.

I like the underlining. I think the lightning L should overlap it, though.

If you go with internal capitalization, you could emphasize different things.

For instance


is different from


with appropriate lighning bolts as you’ve discussed.


Kanagasabapathy/Copioli 2020

I don’t know why but I love that lightning bolt. Maybe having the text in a circle around the bolt would look nice. What do you think? The logo maker I’m using can’t do that as far as I know so I can’t try it out yet, but I’ll find a way to do it if you all think it would be nice. I’ll try the lightning L to overlap the line tomorrow morning. Thanks for these great suggestions everyone.

Maybe not text around the lightning bolt, but what about just a circle around the lightning bolt? Yellow circle, light blue fill.

So leave it in the same place but just surrounded by a yellow outlined, light blue filled circle?

Yeah, perhaps a little lower to give space for a circle. I guess not light blue, just whatever your text color is. I thought it was light blue.

Ok I’ll add this to my list to complete for tomorrow morning. Thanks.

Personally, I would not have too many lightening bolts in the logo, it seems crowded. Keep it to one or two. Also, I would avoid underlining the logo. My suggestion would be to capitalize on the fact Electrobotz has “electro” and “robot” in the logo (see attached image. Sorry about the poor quality I did this on my phone). Maybe you could make the O a gear (see my clubs logo attached below) Also, use a different font. Hope this helps.