LOGO Maker

Hi guys,
I was wondering what are some good online free logo makers. I don’t want to use one that will upload a virus to my computer. Thanks.

You’d probably be better off using a downloaded program, such as Paint.NET or GIMP.

If you want your logo in vector graphics, try Inkscape.

I’ve used www.onlinelogomaker.com with great success.

You can try https://logofactory.40dollarlogo.com/. We used it for a couple of our blogs and it worked great.

Another good thing is that they really provide a JPG logo free unlike others who claim to be free but ask you to pay when you try to use/download the logo.

You could use Inkscape or GIMP, both of which are open-source and free

If you can be bothered to learn it Inkscape is a great tool for making logos and other vector graphics

Canva is pretty great and easy to use.

From the GIMP homepage:

As previously stated, GIMP is a very nice and very powerful editor for graphics, with features comparable to Photoshop. However, the interface takes a bit of time to become accustomed to, but once you do, it is very easy. Although it is not online or web-based, GIMP is a mature open source project with many contributors. If this is not helpful, I hope you do find a suitable editor to create logos!

It’s what I use! Not very well…

I’m a Photoshop kind of man. It has enough features for you to do virtually anything. If you don’t have the time to get accustomed to Photoshop, GIMP, as posted by @ethanialw and @Aponthis is a good alternative.